KCB Recovery Review – My personal Experience

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What is KCB Recovery?

KCB Recovery is an online substance abuse recovery program that is shame-free with the option to choose whether or not you’d like to abstain. The program consists of a masterclass program with video lessons, worksheets, quizzes and activities and also a weekly or monthly call with a compassionate coach, depending on the membership that you chose.

url: www.kcbrecovery.com

Plans and Pricing
There are 4 payment plans:
1. Bronze – $39.99 per month
2. Silver – $69.99 per month
3. Diamond – $108.33 per month*
4. Gold – $129.99 per month

* paid yearly at $1,299.99 per year

My Experience from Using KCB Recovery

I found KCB Recovery when I was internet researching for an online alcohol recovery program to help with my binge drinking. I wanted something that was private, personalized, convenient and affordable. From reviewing their website, they seemed like something that I was looking for, so why not? I gave it a try.

I signed up for the Diamond plan because I wanted the personalization of speaking to a compassionate coach weekly and I saved some money by paying for the program yearly rather than monthly.

When I signed up, I received my account details for the KCB masterclass where I could access the video lessons and worksheet.

The masterclass platform is pretty basic, but very intuitive and user friendly, it’s quite easy to understand and navigate.

I found the video lessons to be informative and spot on, there were a lot of nuggets and takeaways that I found really useful. It really put things into perspective. The videos were really encouraging and empowering!

The worksheets where very eye-opening as well, I liked the worksheets, it really forces me to think about things that I have either ignored for years or I have never thought of as important. And these things were very important in helping me to understand more about myself and why I drink. The worksheets were also empowering tools as well to help me cope with issues such as cravings, depression, stress, etc.

These worksheets are not just one time use, but I found that I could reuse them over and over again whenever I am in distressed, depressed, struggling with negative thoughts and so forth.

I started to feel better the first day that I started using the program. I felt like change was possible, and I also saw a small reduction in my drinking the following day.

The same day that I signed up for the program, I received an email from my compassionate coach asking me to schedule a call. I scheduled the call and has my first call with my compassionate coach. We had a conversation about how to use the program, what to expect and a bit about me and what I was looking to achieve.

After the initial call, I had scheduled weekly calls with my compassionate coach. The call with the coach was always very warm and I felt supported, I felt like there was no judgement and I was free to express myself (and that’s very important for me!).

Over the next few weeks, I continued with the masterclass and the coaching calls. I must admit that I didn’t do the masterclasses as consistently as I liked. I’m still in the program and so far it has done well for me. I’m doing much better since I started the program.

Pros | KCB Recovery Review

  • They have great customer service, I’m always able to contact them, get a timely response and they are helpful
  • The video lessons are very insightful and to the point, there isn’t much fluff
  • The worksheets are very relevant and useful
  • I feel safe, I feel like my compassionate coach cares about my wellbeing
  • It’s affordable and convenient, I can do the program anywhere at anytime
  • It has already been helpful in helping me to reduce my drinking

Cons | KCB Recovery Review

  • Because the program is self-paces and doesn’t have any deadlines, sometimes I didn’t do the video lessons and worksheets as much as I had planned to. However, having my compassionate coach was helpful in keeping me accountable and motivated to push through and work on the videos and worksheets.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the KCB Recovery program is a great program in which was helpful for me from day one with having more control over my drinking. I had a lot of eye-openers in this program, and the compassionate coach was very friendly, kind and supportive, I felt as if I could talk to him about anything!

If you are struggling with any substance abuse and you’d like a program that is online, safe, flexible, affordable and convenient, I without hesitation recommend the KCB Recovery program.

If you’re planning to sign up, from my experience, I would recommend that you sign up to one of the plans that has a compassionate coach, it’s makes the experience even more helpful. However, you can still sign up for a plan that doesn’t have a compassionate coach, the masterclass was helpful for me. I hope it’ll be helpful for you to.

If you’d like to try to KCB Recovery program, click here learn more and sign up

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