What a man wants – 3 things that he wants from you

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A man doesn’t really want the perfect lady, instead, he just wants 3 things from you

How much time do you spend trying to be the woman that you think he needs?

If you’re like a lot of woman, it’s a TON.

You invest this energy making yourself look sexy and alluring.

All this time presenting yourself as fun, fascinating, and independent. You invest your energy showing him exactly how great you’d be for him… how incredible his future would be if he picked you as his woman.

What’s more, it doesn’t work. It never works. WHY? Why do you put so much effort in… And the man in your life just underestimates you, take you for granted? It’s most likely because he’s not mature enough, correct? He can’t see something worth being having for until it’s gone. Or then again perhaps… it’s because you’ve been doing basically everything for him.

He Won’t Value Your Relationship If He Doesn’t Work for


What men value most are those things that they have to work hard to get.

Hand a man a school certificate, and he won’t value it as much as if he had to put in long periods of study and exertion to gain it.

Hand a man the ideal girlfriend, and he won’t value her as much as if he had to charm her for a considerable length of time just to motivate her to go out with him. This is the reason playing hard to get works.

But, as you’ve already probably noticed…

There’s a Major issue with playing hard to get. That system quits working once he’s actually got you.

Something happens when a man decides they’ve won you. It’s like they think, “Victory!”. Their minds are already moved on to their next challenge. What is happening?!

What’s more, how might you prevent it from destroying your relationship?

Most Women Do Something that Pushes Men Away Without Ever Recognizing it…

One of the most magnificent things about women is the how incredibly they are.

Take yourself for example.  You’re always there for your man. You take care of him. You always set aside a time for him. You’d do anything for him.

You never realize that, in the process…

You’re really taking something from him. You’re taking away his motivation, his purpose.

You see, he really want to be your hero. He doesn’t need you to be his hero.

Men love to be heros. For example, take a look at the number of men who are intrigued and fascinated by superhero movies and marvel comics.

Almost every men on Earth, from the time he was a kid, longed for growing up to be the sort of hero who might save the world—and get the girl at the same time.

man dating woman

Most men don’t get the opportunity to express their word-saving sides in their 9-5 jobs.

Situations don’t call for them to rip off their corporate ties and spring into action without hesitation, uncovering their superman side. Perhaps they can’t save the world. But, they can still get the girl.

Getting the girl is a worthy challenge for a man with the heart of a hero. It takes superhuman confidence. Superhero appeal. Superhuman immunity to torment or pain. Now, all he needs to find is…

A girl who needs a superhero. Do You Need a Hero? Give me a chance to figure… That is not you.

You’re Independent. You’re strong. You can take care of yourself. You’re never make the same mistake that Jerry Maguire made of searching for a man to complete you.

Rather, you have a great deal to offer a man. You’re liberal. Kind. Adoring. Giving to a fault. All you need is to find a man who willing to take all you have to give.

That is the reason why heros aren’t showing up in your life. That is the reason you’ve wound up with so many takers. Men who take all that you have and leave you high and dry. In the event that you need a hero, you have to advertize for one. Here’s how:

3 ways to invite a hero into your life and be what he needs, Beginning Today

1. Ask your guy for help

Approach him for help on purchasing a PC or Laptop. Request that he take a look at that rattling sound that happens when you start your car. Ask him to reach something on the top shelf. Then express gratitude, thank him warmly, with an extraordinary smile of appreciation. No, that doesn’t make you needy. It makes you a woman with space for a man in her life.

2. Enjoy pleasure male company

Men love women who acknowledge men for simply being men. So imagine a scenario in which his house is an shrine to sports? What if he invests hours on his fantasy football team? What if his concept of a tidy shirt is the one with the least wrinkles. He’s a man. It’s alright. You don’t need him to be more similar to you, because you have the female side of the gender equation secured.

3. Give him a chance to gain your respect

Superheroes love challenges. They would prefer not to be given a gold medal just for showing up. They don’t your love handed to them without work. They want to earn it. There’s one thing that men long for much more that a woman’s endless persisting love: A challenge. So give him the opportunity to prove himself. You don’t have to do the work of winning him. Sit back, unwind, and allow him the delight of winning your admiration.

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