WonderKids English Review | Teaching English Online | Job Overview

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In this Wonderkids English Review article we will Explore:

  • What is WonderKids English?
  • Questions and Answers about Wonderkids
  • Pros of WonderKids
  • Cons of Wonderkids
  • Final Thoughts
  • My overall rating

What is Wonderkids English?

Wonderkids English is an Asian Based institution that pays you to teach English Language to their students.

The school provides all the material you will need to teach. You will be required to give written feedback on a regular basis and you are also required to create teaching plans unique to each student and create homework assignments and give tests.

Almost every class is one on one and you will be graded by students and their parents through a feedback system.

You must be atleast 23 years old to work with Wonderkids as a teacher. You have to train before you start and give trial lessons, training and trial lessons is paid for.

The minimum employment contract is 6 months.

The company requires all teachers to wear headset during lessons so students can hear clearly

Questions and Answers about WonderKids English

Q: How much will I get paid?

For English classes you will get $15USD per hour for one on one lessons and $20 per hour for group lessons.

For Subject Speciffic lessons, it’s $20 per hour for one on one lessons and $25 per hour for group lessons.

Q: How many hours can I work per week?

You are required to work a minimum of 5 hours weekly. Your hours will start off slow and then build up once you get comfortable with the lesson material and style. You can work as many hours as you like as long as it does not interfere with the quality of your lessons.

Q: Do I need Prior teaching experience?

Yes, you should have at least 1 year minimum teaching experience.

Q: How long do each lesson last?

Each Lesson last between 45 minutes to one hour

Q: When and what time are the lessons done?

Most lessons are taught Monday to Friday from 4pm -9pm UTC+8 and Saturday to Sunday 9am-9pm UTC+8

Q: Who are the Students?

The students are all from China, aged 5 -15 years old. There are 6 grade levels with 6 units per grade level in the English classes.

Q: When Can I start?

After your first interview, your first class is approximately 2-3 weeks afterwards.

Q: Do I need to do trial lessons?

Yes, before a student signs up for a lesson with you, you will have to do a trial lessons that is 30 minutes long. This will give you the chance to showcase your teaching approach and get an idea of the students’ ability..

Q: Are the trial lessons paid?

Yes, you get $5 for 30 minute trial lesson

Q: When am I paid?

You are paid on the 10th of each month through paypal or bank transfers.

Pros – Wonderkids Review

  • Paid orientation and training
  • Paid Trial lessons
  • Flexible schedule. Provide your available time, and they provide the students.
  • The Curriculum is created for you.
  • You can teach other subject too. Other subjects like science, phonics, social studies and writing. And you get paid more to teach different subjects.
  • Biannual raises.

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Cons – Wonderkids English Review

  • Not so good scheduling and planning for Group clasess
  • Frequent messages from admin team
  • They have no standardized test system for all grades and units, for now you have to create your own tests
  • All the students are in China, so it is a very different timezone. So that means if you’re in the US timezone, you’ll have to work in very early morning.
  • Even though the curriculum should be the same structured method that you can teach multiple times, with this curriculum it changes.
  • There are issues with payment, sometimes they don’t pay/Take time to pay. 
  • Bad time management structure, they takes days, up to weeks to deal with issues.
  • Their scheduling and planning is poor for group classes.

Final Thought on Wonderkids English

While there are some strong Positives about Wonderkids, there are also some negatives that makes you think twice about working with Wonderkids English. In my opinion, the negatives does outway the positives and you should consider the different factors before applying to Wonderkids

Wonderkids English Review - Overall Ratings











  • Paid trial lessons and training
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Teach Multiple Subjects


  • Poor class scheduling and planning
  • Payment Delays/payment issues
  • No standardized test system for all grades and units