Review | Is it a scam?

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In this review we will explore:

  • What is site about
  • Website Analysis of workfromhomedata com
  • Pros of workfromhomedata
  • Cons of workfromhomedata
  • Common Complaints about workfromhomedatadotcom
  • Final Thoughts
  • My overall ratings

What is

workfromhomedata is a website that offers jobs such as copy and pasting, data entry, sms reading and sending, ad posting, filling out forms, surveys, email sending and reading, virtual assistant jobs and other jobs. All of these jobs can be performed anywhere across the world and one can work from home.

According to workfromhomedatacom, they pay via payoneer, western union, online bank exchange, paytmor, check or paypal. 30% tax is deducted if you receive payment from any payment method except Paypal or Western Union.

According to their terms, you get your payment for work done, 30 days after you first start working.

Website Analysis of Workfromhomedata com

  • url:
  • There is a contact page, but there is no contact details on the page – Not a good sign
  • On the site, here is no company information – Not a good sign
  • There is a paid version, where you have to pay to get access to jobs
  • The website domain was registered on 9/3/2017 – No history
  • There is no authorized merchant license

Pros | Workfromhomedata Review

  • Pick your own work hours
  • You get to work from home

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Cons | Workfromhomedata Review

  • Even though they have a free version, it doesnt make much sense, you won’t get much unless you sign up for the paid version.
  • Your work may be erased if you reset your account
  • They have payment issues. In most cases than not, they take long to pay and sometimes don’t pay at all. Thus, it’s a risk doing 30 days of work, and then after 30 days you don’t get paid at all. After 30 days of working, you receive an email thanking you for your work and stating that you’ll get payment within 5-10 days, sometimes that payment never comes, even after waiting another 15 – 30 days.
  • After you finish 30 days of work, they might disable your account and removed/deactivate the withdraw button they suddenly disable my account or they disable the withdraw button.
  • Slow response rate to emails and inquires.
  • They might disable your account if you don’t login every 48 hours.
  • System glitch – sometimes, even when you login every 48 hours, they still disable your account.
disable account
Disabled account


removed withdraw button
They removed the ‘Withdraw button’ after 30 days of work

Workfromhomedata review video

Final Thoughts

As you can see in this review, the bad outweighs the good which is not a good sign.

One of the worst con I think is the fact that you don’t get paid even after 30 days of work, or that your payment gets delayed.

That’s even worst, if you did the paid version of the site, worked for 30 days and still no payment. That’s a scam and a ripoff in my book.

Another issue is that they take very long to respond whenever you ask questions about your payment.

I would not recommend this site to anyone.

make money online from home Review - Overall Ratings











  • Choose when you want to work
  • Work from anywhere in the world


  • They deduct 30% tax depending on the payment method you choose
  • They take long to pay
  • Sometimes they don't pay at all
  • They take very long to respond to your messages when you ask about your payment

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